Geometry deals with pure form and philosophical geometry re-enacts the unfolding of each form out of a preceding one. It is a way by which the essential creative mystery is rendered visible.”
                                                                                                                   -Robert Lawlor
American artist Grace DeGennaro explores the social and cultural history of geometric forms and their relationship to the development of a universal language of signs and symbols. Known for engaging color choices and transparent layers, DeGennaro’s work references forms seen through art and architecture such as Byzantine mosaics, Tibetan mandalas, and rose windows along with patterns seen in petroglyphs and Indigenous weavings. 
Born into a Catholic household in Rockville Center, NY, DeGennaro began exploring the representation of religion and ritual in non-European work during her graduate studies at Columbia University.  It was also at this time when she became interested in forms and mathematical proportions thought to reflect a geometric knowledge innate to all.


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