That Third Thing, Speedwell Projects - Portland ME

October 21 - November 25, 2017 - Opening October 21st, 4-7pm

“That third thing” is a month-long project which convenes performing and visual artists who have chosen to work within abstract strategies.  The gallery installation will juxtapose materially-based work of nine contemporary visual artists curated by Bridget Spaeth and an improvisational music program developed and produced by Titus Abbott.  



Indigo: The Seventh Color, LABspace - Hillsdale NY

October 14 - November 4, 2017

Indigo: The Seventh Color is a group exhibition of works on indigo paper curated by Lorrie Fredette and Brece Honeycutt from October 14 – November 4, 2017. 

Dots, dashes, cosmologies; burn marks, rusted tones, twisted strands; grids, stains, topographies; chronicle the works by Christine Aaron, Beth Dary, Grace DeGennaro, Lorrie Fredette, Valerie Hammond, Jeanne Heifetz, Lotta Helleberg, Brece Honeycutt, Patricia Miranda and Paula Overbay.

Ordinary Time: Grace DeGennaro and Anne Lilly - The Bundy Modern, Waitsfield VT

Sept 16-Oct 22, Sat/Sun 12-5 - Opening September 16th 5-7p

Ordinary Time featuring the work of Maine-based painter Grace DeGennaro and the kinetic sculpture of Boston-based artist Anne Lilly is an exhibition in which two women elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary. Both artists take often over-looked or taken-for-granted patterns found in nature and give them a poetic, mesmerizing visual form. In DeGennaro’s case, her abstract canvasses vibrate with energy, relying on abstract imagery to convey meaning, imagery drawn from ancient symbolism and Sacred Geometry. In Lilly’s case, the sculptures, although informed by geometry seem to move with almost magical fluid movement. While both artists create work that is abstract, every piece resonates with meaning.

Curated by Stephanie Walker, Walker Contemporary

Bundy Modern | Ordinary Time: Grace DeGennaro and Anne Lilly


Patterning: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Kentler International Drawing Space - Brooklyn NY

June 17 – July 30, 2017 - Opening June 17, 2017

Artists: Grace DeGennaro, Elizabeth Duffy, Alexander Gorlizki, Donna Ruff, Viviane Rombaldi Seppey, Marietta Hoferer, Taney Roniger, Sepideh Salehi

Curator's Talk: Samantha Friedman, "Patterning: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles"

Nature and mathematics also converge in the practice of Grace DeGennaro, whose works, in the artist’s words, “are rooted in the tradition of geometric abstraction but reference non-Western traditions such as Byzantine mosaics, Indian tantra drawings and Navajo weavings.”  Subtle washes of watercolor yield symmetrical compositions of circles and triangles, which are then heightened with small beads of colored pigment.  These patterns accumulate according to the Fibonacci sequence (in which each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two numbers) or the principle of gnomonic growth (in which the final form reflects the shape of the original “seed” form), to create a visible record of time.

- Samantha Friedman, Assistant Curator in the Department of Drawings and Prints at The Museum of Modern Art, New York.



Grace DeGennaro: Continuum, Schema Projects - Brooklyn NY

October 28 - December 4, 2016 - Opening reception Oct. 28th 6-9pm

Continuum is both the name of my current painting series and the essence of my ongoing aspiration: to convey to the viewer a sense of the unseen structure that supports the universe. My work is informed by my study of ancient uses of pattern, symmetry and iconic symbolism in traditional forms such as Tantric drawings, Navajo weavings, and Byzantine mosaics, as well as modern interpretations of these vocabularies, including geometric abstraction, Carl Jung’s collective unconscious, Josef Albers’ color theory, and Robert Lawlor’s sacred geometry.


Sixfold Symmetry: Pattern in Art and Science, Tang Museum - Saratoga Springs, NY

September 17 - March 12, 2017

Patterns, systems, and networks are all around us, and in this digital age we are increasingly aware of their influence on our lived experience. This exhibition explores some of the ways in which human beings create and manipulate patterns, and why we are intrinsically driven to do so. Patterns allow us to understand and predict complex natural and cultural phenomena, and to create artworks and other structures of surprising complexity and unity.

An interdisciplinary project, the show is co-curated by Rachel Roe-Dale, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Skidmore College, and Rachel Seligman, Assistant Director for Curatorial Affairs, Tang Museum, and will feature collaborations by a number of Skidmore College faculty from across the disciplines to help investigate why the human brain discerns, designs, and desires pattern. The exhibition will include contemporary and historical artworks, artifacts, and material culture from around the world.


Artist's Choice, Ellsworth Gallery - Santa Fe NM

October 21, 2016 - January 21 - 2017

Group exhibition featuring: Elise Ansel, Paul Bloch, Grace DeGennaro, Arin Dineen, william dubby fuqua, Lorraine Glessner, James Hart, Brad Howe, Jeff Juhlin, Karolina Maszkiewicz, Claire McArdle, Melinda Morrison, Kathryn Stedham, Kelley Van Dilla.


Curative Abstraction, Wright Gallery - Northport MI

Summer 2016. Opening July 11th 6-9p.

Group exhibition curated by Mary Judge.  

Featuring: Grace DeGennaro, Robert Otto Epstein, Mary Judge


You Go Girl! Celebrating Women Artists, Heckscher Museum - Huntington NY

December 5, 2015 - April 3, 2016

This exhibition presents more than 50 artists from the late-19th century through today. Working in representational and abstract syles, the artists in You Go Girl! express a wide range of concerns that often mirror those of their male colleagues, while sometimes challenging traditional artistic boundaries and male authority. Featured artists include Berenice Abbott, Elaine de Kooning, Dorothy Dehner, Audrey Flack, Jane Hammond, Mary Nimmo Moran, Georgia O’Keeffe, Betty Parsons, Miriam Schapiro, Esphyr Slobodkina, Emma Stebbins, Jane Wilson, and Grace DeGennaro, among others. 

You Go Girl!You Go Girl! closes a year of exhibitions drawn exclusively from the Museum's Permanent Collection, in celebration of our 95th anniversary.


Sacred Geometry: Bridging Boundaries, SECAC 2015 - Pittsburgh, PA

Since ancient times, geometric perfection (circle, square, and triangle) has been thought to convey sacred and universal truths by reflecting the fractal interconnections of the natural world. One finds these similarities across diverse civilizations embedded in many cultural patterns. Incorporating these forms and patterns into works of art promotes access through recognition and this commonality creates connections. While geometric ornamentation may have reached a pinnacle in the Islamic world, this paper will investigate sacred geometry framed by my personal research as a contemporary tool of communication that promotes multicultural exchange and understanding.  - Reni Gower

Chair: Reni Gower | Virginia Commonwealth University


  • Reni Gower | Virginia Commonwealth University Sacred Geometry: Bridging Boundaries
  • Jorge Benitez | Virginia Commonwealth University Rigidity and Relativism: Sacred Geometry and Perspective at the Crossroads of Culture and Dogma
  • Herbert Hartel, Jr. | Hofstra University Dane Rudhyar’s Symbolic Geometry and the Transcendental Painting Group (1938-1941)
  • Larry Taylor | Independent Scholar Minimalism Threads of the Sacred
  • Grace DeGennaro | Independent Artist Continuum

Reflections on Art from the Site Lines of Nature, Catwalk Institute - Catskill, NY

September 2015

Group exhibition of Catwalk Institute artists, past and present.  Sunwheel and Double Moon is an installation of eight watercolor drawings that describe the color of the Hudson River Valley light as it changes throughout the day. The passage of time is suggested through an accretion of small “beads” of paint that form the central geometric shapes.






Stack / File: Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles, Kentler International Drawing Space - Brooklyn, NY

Exhibition Dates: June 13 - July 26, 2015 Curator's Talk: Saturday, June 13, 4pm Reception: Saturday, June 13, 5 - 6pm

Stack / File is a dual-platformed curatorial experiment designed to re-create the agency inherent to the process of exploring the Kentler Flatfiles. The first platform, Stack, is a traditional selections show using the layered and stacked storage of the Flatfiles as a theoretical catalyst to explore issues relating to superimposition. The second platform, File, is an online, conceptual record of the curatorial process, including the chronology of significant events leading up to the opening and expanded considerations of each artwork in the exhibition.  

Curated by Ana Torok.

Grace DeGennaro’s elegant mathematically based watercolor drawing Geometry #7. In her quest to reveal the “unseen structure that supports the universe,” the artist here has created an overlapping geometric composition, reminiscent of a Venn diagram, that serves as a beautiful visual metaphor for the generative effects of layering."   - Ana Torok


CATWALK Art Residency - Catskill, NY

April 2015

CATWALK Institute, established in 2004 by James & Purcell Palmer, was originally the home of Hudson River School painter, Charles Herbert Moore.  The 70 acre property is on the Hudson River directly across from Olana, home of Frederick Church and directly north of Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole’s home and art studio in Catskill New York.


Art in the Embassies, US Embassy - Doha, Qatar

2014 - 2016

Group exhibition with Jeffery Becton, Mel Bochner, Dale Chihuly, Grace DeGennaro, Gabriella D'Italia, Alex Katz, Anne Neely, Shannon Rankin, Abbie Reed, and Claire Seidl.


Art in the Embassies, US Embassy - Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

2014 - 2016

Group Show with Joshua Adams, Boisali Biswas, Grace DeGennaro, Lucille Lossiah, Ramona Lossie, Matt Moulthrop, Joel Queen, Joely Queen, Cynthia Schira, Fred Wilnoty


Relativity, Flinn Gallery - Greenwich CT

September 12 - October 22, 2014. Opening reception Friday 9/12, 6-8pm.

Relativity is a four person exhibition about the intersection of math, science and art.




Art in the Capitol, Maine Arts Commission, State House - Augusta Maine

June 10 - August 31, 2014

The Maine Arts Commissions presents a selection of works connected to DeGennaro's study of ancient uses of pattern, symmetry and iconic symbolism seen in traditional forms such as Tantric drawings, Navajo weavings, and Byzantine mosaics.



Alumni Invitational 4, Tang Museum, Skidmore College - Saratoga Springs NY

March 29 - June 15, 2014

Alumni Invitational 4 is the fourth in a series of exhibitions that feature a group of Skidmore alumni artists working at the cutting edge of contemporary art. This exhibition celebrates the vibrant creative energy of four Skidmore graduates that span fifty-years and a diverse range of mediums. 

Working alone and in collaboration with her daughter Julia, Gayle Wells Mandle ’63 makes art that addresses current sociopolitical issues. Their collaborative installation Study for a Monument responds to the ever-increasing disparities between rich and poor across the globe, evoking the often-violent struggle for greater equality, fairness, and respect.

The paintings and watercolors of Grace DeGennaro ’78 explore ritual, geometry, and gnomic growth through repeated forms, serial patterns, and iconic forms like circles and diamonds. DeGennaro’s work expresses a meditative quality that offers an alternative response to the increasing frenetic pace of everyday life.


Alumni Invitational 4 is organized by Tang Museum Associate Director for Curatorial Affairs Rachel Seligman and supported by the Friends of the Tang.


The Perfect Measure: The Golden Ratio in Contemporary Art, Saugerties Performing Arts Factory - Saugerties NY

April 12 - May 10, 2014, Opening Reception April 12, 2014

Curated by artist and writer Astrid Fitzgerald, the exhibition will include works by eleven artists selected from the collection of the Museum of the Golden Ratio - a virtual museum dedicated to collecting and preserving individual expressions in art of the myriad aspects of the Golden Ratio. What these artists all have in common is their love of geometric and mathematical principles, in particular the Golden Ratio, Platonic Solids and Fibonacci Numbers.


Inside Out, Kentler International Drawing Space - Brooklyn NY

June 13 - July 21, 2013

INSIDE OUT- Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles 

Curated by Laura Phipps, Senior Curatorial Assistant, Whitney Museum.

Many artists included in Inside Out derive their subject matter and materials by mining the content of the natural world. Repetition and the grid are also principles that occur naturally in organic material and the cellular building blocks of all matter. The natural infrastructures found in forms as simple as cells and as complex as fully evolved organisms provide a broad range of areas to be explored in drawings. Grace DeGennaro explores concepts of seriality and symmetry in nature through the repetition of form. In Indigo #26 (2009) the geometric structures repeat themselves, creating a rich, mirrored image of overlapping forms.




Maine Women Pioneers III, University of New England - Portland ME

Portland Press Herald  June 01, 2013

University of New England's Final Installment of "Maine Pioneers III" is the Strongest

by Daniel Kany

...“Dirigo” features a rich eye towards textiles. The warp and woof logic of Grace Degennaro’s stunning abstract oil on linen “Dreams” takes her work from sacred math (usually biological systems revered as mystical) towards textile, thereby assigning a bit of engineering brilliance to the weavers of the world



2012 CMCA Biennial Exhibition - Rockland ME

September 29 - December 2, 2012

The 2012 CMCA Biennial Exhibition includes work by seventeen artists curated by CMCA director Suzette McAvoy and Daphne Anderson Deeds, an independent curator from Connecticut.


Woven Mysteries: Grace DeGennaro & Brece Honeycutt, Aucocisco Gallery - Portland ME

Portland Press Herald  April 15, 2012

Art Review: Math and earthy science at Aucocisco


The works of Grace DeGennaro and Brece Honeycutt currently on display in the exhibition "Woven Mysteries" at Aucocisco Galleries in Portland have an immediate effect on each other.




2012 Recipient of the Ballinglen Arts Foundation Fellowship

The Ballinglen Arts Foundation was formed in 1992 to bring professional, established artists and younger artists of recognized ability, from Ireland and from abroad, to live and work in North County Mayo, Ireland so as to benefit both the artists and the community. Its programmes, a series of interrelated projects in the visual arts, provide a direct socioeconomic and educational benefit to the community whilst contributing substantively to the development of each individual artist's work.


Textility, Visual Arts Center of New Jersey - Summit NJ

January 13 - April 1, 2012

While there is a strong emphasis on materiality in contemporary art, we have seen an increasing number of artists who share a specific interest in textile-related materials and processes. We coined the word “textility” to describe these qualities and organized this exhibition to explore art that has a material or conceptual relationship to textiles. 

Some artists in the exhibition appropriate materials and techniques associated with fiber arts, using cloth or thread in place of paint or pencil to convey formal elements like color and line. Others employ traditional art-making materials to produce paintings, sculptures and drawings that resemble textiles. And some artists create works that suggest fabric or textiles by referencing some element of weaving, knotting or stitching. The works on view in three galleries and additional spaces throughout the Art Center showcase the diverse approaches of twenty-eight artists, incorporating a broad range of media and ideas. “Textility” is the common thread that connects them. 

Read more about Textility.

Mary Birmingham and Joanne Mattera