Archetypal images and their ability to communicate ideas that transcend religion and culture is the subject of my work. My watercolor drawings and oil paintings are rooted in Geometric Abstraction and Josef Albers' color theory. They also reference non-Western traditions such as Byzantine mosaics, Tibetan Mandalas, and Navajo weavings. Recurrent themes are ritual, growth and the passage of time.

Each of my paintings starts from a central axis that divides the support into equal “golden” sections. Initially an inviolable ground of one or two colors is painted on the support. Using the points of the Fibonacci sequence, transparent forms and beads of color are applied in recurring accretions. The resulting patterns depict a gnomonic expansion, much like the symmetric growth of a tree or the shell of a nautilus.

Although precision is a predominant quality of my work, evidence of my hand renders each piece subtly asymmetrical. I embrace these natural variances, even as I seek the gestalt of the finished work. Every mark begets and relates to another mark, creating a visible record of time as the surface evolves and the past is seen with the present. Each of my paintings is offered as both an antidote to the distractions of our everyday world, and as an entrance to the collective unconscious. 


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