The color indigo evokes the night sky that is visible from my home in Maine and has traditionally symbolized spiritual realization. The Indigo Series is comprised of paintings in oil on linen and watercolor on Arches paper.


The Indigo Series utilizes a serial process and a limited vocabulary of images and palette.  The serial process fosters a narrow but deep exploration. The first layer in each work is an inviolable ground of indigo pigment. The centrally positioned images are rendered through a deliberate accretion of dots, beads and glazes of transparent color. 


A longstanding interest in sacred geometry and traditional symbols informs the Indigo Series. The predominant images in the series are diamonds, a set of three concentric circles and the vesica piscis shape.


The accumulation of marks and glazes of color reflects and supports the themes of ritual, growth, duality and the passage of time.  The goal in the Indigo Series is the transcendence found in works of art as a result of visual and conceptual purity.