Ice House, Hopkins Wharf Gallery, North Haven, ME

Over/Under the Surface curated by Emily Trenholm

University of New England Art Gallery, Portland, ME
Cynthia Winings Gallery, Blue Hill ME
Zero Station, Portland, ME
Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn NY
Cove Street Arts, Portland, ME
Cynthia Winings Gallery, Bluehill ME
daphne: art, Bantam CT 

Jeannette Montgomery Barron
Kate Beck
Jerrold Burchman
Jibz Cameron
Grace DeGennaro
Donna Festa
Joseph Fucigna
Elizabeth Gourlay
William Hemmerdinger
Otto Hitzberger
Kathleen Kucka
Margaret Saliske
Katia Santibanez
Roxanne Faber Savage
Claire Seidl
Suzan Shutan

Parsonage Gallery, Searsport, ME

 March 4th - April 15th, 2023

Platonic Structures: Grace DeGennaro

    This exhibition of Grace DeGennaro’s sublime series, ‘Platonic Solids,’ is as subtle and profound philosophically as it is formally, interpreting the ancient philosopher’s ideas about the structure of our world into breathtaking color.

    Grant Wahlquist Gallery, Portland ME
    Parsonage Gallery, Searsport ME
    Zero Station, Portland ME


    December 2022

    Tremaine Gallery, The Hotchkiss School, Lakeville CT

    Fragmentary Blue

    June 2022

    The Tremaine Art Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibit of seventeen artists, curated by Joan Baldwin, Curator of Special Collections at Hotchkiss with Terri L. Moore, Director of the Tremaine Art Gallery. The exhibit is on view May 15 through June 19. 

    The exhibit highlights participating artists’ diverse responses to the color blue and borrows its title from Robert Frost’s poem “Fragmentary Blue,” which includes the lines: Why make so much of fragmentary blue / In here and there a bird, or butterfly, / Or flower, or wearing-stone, or open eye, / When heaven presents in sheets the solid hue? Whether working with blue as an expression of mood, hue, or symbol, invited artists have engaged with the color in a range of media while considering and exploring what blue means in their work. They may explore how a color associated with bird’s eggs, the Madonna, with mourning, summer skies, Krishna, hyacinths, and the ocean deepens our understanding of color and mood. Selected work will be exhibited with a series of poems and text, echoed by a group of blue objects, both natural and fabricated, turning the Tremaine Art Gallery into a multimedia book where images, objects, color, and words intersect.

    Exhibiting artists include Cynthia Alberto, Mandy Cano Villalobos, Rosa Chang, Nancy Cohen, Ann Conrad Stewart ‘81, Joy Curtis, Beth Dary, Grace DeGennaro, Valerie Hammond, T. Klacsmann ‘01, Jordana Munk Martin, Caitlin Parker, Sarah Pettitt, Beau Bree Rhee, Dora Somosi, Alyce Santoro, and Janis Stemmermann.

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland ME

    Walk the Line 

    January 29 - May 8, 2022

    Walk the Line features an exceptionally diverse range of works by eight Maine and Maine-connected artists who share a central use of linear or geometric forms in their compositions. Seen together, these artists underscore the expressive power of the line through works that span assemblage, photography, textile, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and artist books. Artists featured in the exhibition include Paolo Arao, Grace DeGennaro, Clint Fulkerson, John Houck, Jennie C. Jones, Jeff Kellar, Paula McCartney, and Will Sears.

    Curated by CMCA’s Executive Director and Chief Curator, Timothy Peterson, in collaboration with Curatorial Assistant, Rachel Romanski. The exhibition is made possible in part by a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

    New York Times Review - February 4th, 2022

    The Swedish artist Hilma af Klint was as much a pioneer of abstraction as a mystic. So, in 2020, when the artists Sharmistha Ray and Dannielle Tegeder formed a collective devoted to artwork by women, nonbinary, and trans people interested in spirituality, they named it after her.

    Hilma’s Ghost’s first big project was creating a set of tarot cards. Now the duo has curated “Cosmic Geometries,” which expands on the deck, by continuing its exploration of connections between abstraction and mysticism. Aided by Sarah Potter, a witch, Ray and Tegeder used tarot as a guide for laying out the show. For each of the 25 artists, they pulled a card that’s displayed alongside the work.

    Even if, like me, you don’t know much about tarot, you can appreciate its apparent curatorial powers. “March ’94” (1994), a bold and radiant canvas by Biren De, hangs next to Jackie Tileston’s painting “14. Muon Seance Aftermath” (2021), which evokes unseen forces in a quieter, more hermetic way. With their playful dances of color and shape, Marilyn Lerner’s “Queen Bee” (2020) and Rico Gatson’s “Untitled (Double Sun/Sonhouse)” (2021) look like a ready-made pair. Barbara Takenaga’s transcendent painting “Floater (Revised)” (2013—15) is unique, yet I felt echoes of it in the vibratory rhinestones of Evie Falci’s “Thalia” (2016).

    It’s exhilarating to see a knockout exhibition that celebrates abstraction’s spiritual searching. These works are rooted in culture and form, but reminders, too, that when it comes to art, we’re often seeking something deeper. JILLIAN STEINHAUER

    EFA Project Space, New York NY

    Cosmic Geometries

    January 13, 2022 - February 26, 2022

    The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts

    323 W 39th Street

    New York, NY 

    EFA Project Space is thrilled to present Cosmic Geometries, organized by Hilma’s Ghost, a feminist collective project by Sharmistha Ray and Dannielle Tegeder, and featuring a diverse, intergenerational group of artists, with work by: Natessa Amin, Yevgeniya Baras, Lisa Beck, Biren De, Grace DeGennaro, Evie Falci, Anoka Faruqee & David Driscoll, Rico Gatson, Diana Guerrero-Maciá, Xylor Jane, Valerie Jaudon, Laleh Khorramian, Julia Kunin, Marilyn Lerner, Anne Lindberg, Mahirwan Mamtani, Carrie Moyer, Stephen Mueller, Sky Pape, Dorothea Rockburne, A.V. Ryan, Laurel Sparks, Barbara Takenaga, Jackie Tileston and Johanna Unzueta.

    Cosmic Geometries is a group exhibition of intergenerational and intersectional artists that examines the spiritual and aesthetic functions of abstract painting and geometry in art. The artists deploy a range of painterly devices to create cosmic and transcendental visions that combine esoteric world traditions with the language of Modernism. Their motifs are inspired by sources as divergent as Islamic architecture, Buddhist mandalas, Hindu yantras, medieval Christian stained-glass windows, and quantum mechanics, rendering formal devices that range from tessellations, optical illusions, to elaborate ornamentation techniques. These artists primarily work with the language of painting, but also draw from languages and materials adapted from sculpture, installation, craft, textiles, and ceramics. Within these works lies a rich sensibility for color, shape, and compositional elements, which reveal the daring sensibilities that artists are bringing to the historically overlooked arena of the spiritual in art. These artists' practices build upon palimpsest legacies of alternative power structures that are constantly being erased.

    Jason McCoy Gallery, New York NY

    Night Bloom, October 21 - November 30, 2021

    Jason McCoy Gallery

    41 East 57th Street, 11th Floor

    New York, NY

    Zero Station, Portland ME

    REverb, October - November 2021

    Zero Station

    222 Anderson Street

    Portland ME

    The Hyde Collection Glens Falls, NY

    Summer Bomb Pop: Collections in Dialogue May 2021 - January 2022

    The Hyde Collection

    161 Warren St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

    Jason McCoy Gallery, New York, NY

    Dark to Light

    December 2020

    Jason McCoy Gallery

    41 East 57th Street, 11th Floor

    New York, NY

    Cove Street Arts, Portland ME

    Spotlight: Grace DeGennaro

    January 16 - April 4, 2020

    Cove Street Arts

    71 Cove Street

    Portland, ME

    Atlantic Gallery, New York, NY

    Seeing The Unseeable

    January 7 - 25, 2020

    Atlantic Gallery
    548 West 28th St, Suite 540
    New York, NY 10001

    Speedwell Projects, Portland, ME

    10,000+ Hours

    November 19 - December 7, 2019

    Closing Celebration - Saturday, December 7, 6-8PM

    Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-6 PM

    SPEEDWELL projects is proud to present 10,000+ Hours, an exhibition that celebrates our mission to correct the canon and create greater visibility for artists who have demonstrated a lifetime commitment to their practice.

    We are excited to offer this work to promote awareness and ensure the longevity of SPEEDWELL projects.

    10,000+ Hours is SPEEDWELL projects’ inaugural fundraiser and exhibition. It is also an opportunity to purchase masterful work, or make a donation to support this important mission.

    Artists include:

    Elise Ansel, Greta Bank, Barbara Bosworth, Sarah Bouchard, Lucy Breslin, Crystal Cawley, Sara Crisp, Paul D'Amato, Grace DeGennaro, Michel Droge, Eileen Gillespie, Emmet Gowin, Tonee Harbert, Anne Harris, Anna Hepler, Charlie Hewitt, Alison Hildreth, Juliet Karelsen, Deborah Klotz, Jocelyn Lee, Winky Lewis, Honour Mack, Amanda Marchand, George Mason, Jan Piribeck, Kari Radasch, Julie Poitras Santos, Abby Shahn, Wendy Small, Kiki Smith, Patti Smith, Gail Spaien, Aaron T. Stephan, Cheryle St. Onge, Barbara Sullivan, Andrea Sulzer, Katarina Weslien, Shoshannah White, Diana Weymar, Henry Wolyniec, and Francesca Woodman. 

    The Kentler International Drawing Space, Brooklyn, NY


    Selections from the Kentler Flatfiles

    David Houston, Guest Curator

    November 9 - December 15, 2019

    The idea behind this exhibition is to take a long view of the development of the Kentler Flat Files over their almost thirty year history. The Flat Files are tightly focused on a few specific media; mainly drawing, printmaking, and other paper-related work. They house both the traditional and the experimental, and a great deal in between. Some artists are well known, but most are not. A tour of the files reveals a staggering range of artists and media, geographic diversity, and stylistic pluralism. The most impressive thing about the project as a whole is the fact that the files function as a largely self-regulating body of work that is in continuous flux. There is a gate-keeper, but the gate is usually standing wide open.

    Kentler International Drawing Space

    353 Van Brunt St

    Red Hook

    Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art, Rockland ME

    Temporality | The Process of Time

    November 2, 2019 - February 23, 2020

    Exploring ideas of repetition, duration, and process, Temporality looks at how contemporary artists are using time as a means of making. The exhibition explores the question of what is time, and how do we measure and give value to time? One certainty is that artists need time to make their work and viewers need time to look. In a society that’s constantly on the move, the artists included in the exhibition are asking the viewer to slow down and consider the relevance of time, resulting in work that uses time as a material including painting, photography, sculpture, installation, video, and others.

    Center for Maine Contemporary Art

    21 Winter Street
    Rockland, ME 04841 

    The Painting Center, New York NY

    Green: The Impossible Color
    April 23 - May 18, 2019
    Reception: Thursday, April 25, 6PM - 8PM

    The Painting Center
    547 West 27th Street
    Suite 500
    New York, NY 

    Green: The Impossible Color, curated by Rachael Wren, showcases works that explore the elusive color of green and its multifacted nature.

    The publication Sixfold Symmetry: Pattern of Art and Science is now available at Tang Teaching Museum, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
    Able Baker Contemporary, Portland ME


    curated by Hilary Irons

    January 18th - March 2nd  2019

    A group exhibition bringing forth a conversation between extreme realism and highly-articulated abstraction - Philip Brou, Grace DeGennaro, Bill Donovan, Shaina Gates, Carly Glovinski, Mary Hart, Duncan Hewitt,  Isaac Jaegerman, Jim Mullen, Kate Russo, Andrew Scripter, Gail Spaien

    Able Baker Contemporary
    29 Forest Avenue
    Portland, Maine

    Tamarind Institute, Albuquerque NM

    Unfolding (Day & Night), lithograph, 26 x 16" each,  2018

    Edition of 5 on Somerset paper

    Boston Voyager

    "Check out Grace DeGennaro's Artwork" Boston Voyager, September 3, 2019

    Fred Giampietro Gallery, New Haven CT

    New Geometry II
    February 10 - March 10, 2018

    Fred Giampietro Gallery
    1064 Chapel Street
    New Haven, CT 

    It was 1968 and the first day of New Geometry at Cheshire High School. The teacher passed out the textbook, informing students that a new one was on order and would arrive soon. The old textbook, from the 1950's with it’s solid maroon cover, seemed daunting, having more information than anyone could ever learn. Nerves were heightened with the arrival of this “new” version. It had a jazzy green and pink cover and was full of hard-edged 1960's graphics and color. It soon became clear, that although this new book was teaching the same lessons, it was presenting a fresh perspective. While the rigor was still present, there was a degree of levity that seemed to open a door. “New Geometry” is inspired by those first few days of New Geometry in 1968.​

    Amy Vensel, Will Lustenader, Don Voisine, Ruth Hiller, Robert Storr, Power Boothe, Steve Bartlett, Elisa Lendvay, Gregg Blasdel, and Grace DeGennaro.

    The Bundy Modern, Waitsfield VT

    Ordinary Time

    curated by Stephanie Walker, Walker Contemporary

    ​January 19 -April 14, 2018

    Helen Day Art Center
    90 Pond Street
    Stowe, VT 

    This two-person exhibition features the work of Maine-based painter Grace DeGennaro and the kinetic sculpture of Boston-based artist Anne Lilly. These artists elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary by working with engineering and geometry to create fluidity and beauty.

    Ordinary Time refers to two periods in the liturgical year in the Catholic church that are not “ordinary” as one might imagine in the sense of common or uninteresting. Ordinary here comes from the Latin word ordinalis, which simply refers to the numbers in a series or how we might order something.

    Ordinary Time, the exhibition, refers to the ordering of nature and time, movement, man and machine based on patterns informed by geometry & mathematics, an ordering we don’t necessarily see.

    Featuring the paintings of Maine-based painter Grace DeGennaro and kinetic sculpture of Boston-based artist Anne Lilly, Ordinary Time is an exhibition that reveals there is a structure at work, although one that perhaps is not as straightforward as one might like to believe. Both DeGennaro’s and Lilly’s work helps us become aware of negative spaces, the spaces in-between highlighting the layers upon layers of patterns, shapes and forms that are a result in the “empty” spaces. It is an exhibition in which the unseen becomes as important as the seen, where the counting of time is revealed not in a linear fashion but in multiple dimensions.


    Speedwell Projects, Portland ME 

    That Third Thing

    curated by Bridget Spaeth

    October 21 - November 25, 2017

    Speedwell Projects
    630 Forest Avenue
    Portland, ME 

    “That third thing” is a month-long project which convenes performing and visual artists who have chosen to work within abstract strategies.  The gallery installation will juxtapose materially-based work of nine contemporary visual artists curated by Bridget Spaeth and an improvisational music program developed and produced by Titus Abbott.


    LABSpace, Hillsdale NY

    curated by Lorrie Fredette and Brece Honeycutt

    LABSpace, Hillsdale, NY
    October 14 – November 4, 2017
    The beauty of Indigo magnetically attracts the viewer. It's richness and depth is an intoxicating visual drink. Dots, dashes, cosmologies; burn marks, rusted tones, twisted strands; grids, stains, topographies; chronicle the works by Christine Aaron, Beth Dary, Grace DeGennaro, Lorrie Fredette, Valerie Hammond, Jeanne Heifetz, Lotta Helleberg, Brece Honeycutt, Patricia Miranda and Paula Overbay.