I make paintings and watercolor drawings focusing on the symbolism of the circle and the square and the relation of each to a vertical and horizontal axis, the cross of time and space. Circles symbolize the cosmos and squares delineate the spatial directions in our physical world. The cross is an underlying symbol of the four cardinal directions as they relate to the unfolding of the seasons, the turning of the day, and the four ages of man.  

My studio practice is inspired by the geometric similarities between two seemingly different works-the compositions of Tibetan mandalas and the cross-sectional blueprint for the dome of Donato Bramante’s 1502 Tempietto (small temple). Both aligned on an axis and feature a circular sacral area surrounded by a square. 

Layering these ancient geometric forms from both Eastern and Western cultures illuminates symbols of our universal past and brings them into contemporary visual culture. The paintings and works on paper share a meditative quality evoking stillness, balance, and harmony--the very characteristics that the Tibetan mandalas and the Tempietto seek to awaken.