Artist Grace DeGennaro creates minimal compositions based on traditional symbols and sacred geometry. Archetypal images, with their ability to communicate ideas which transcend religion and culture, are the foundation of her studio practice. Her paintings and works on paper bridge Eastern and Western thought through ancient uses of pattern, symmetry and iconic symbolism found in traditional forms such as Byzantine mosaics, Indigenous weavings and Tibetan mandalas. Rooted in geometric shapes and the process of accretion, each picture plane depicts a deliberate layering of transparent shapes and collections of opaque dots and beads of color. Each of DeGennaro’s series explore forms and mathematical proportions such as the Golden Mean (which she employs to determine the dimensions of her canvases) and Fibonacci sequences, as well as organic elements and the duality of abstract geometry and mythology. Her pieces share a meditative quality evoking stillness, balance and harmony—the very characteristics that geometric forms seek to awaken. While striving for symmetry and precision in all of her work, each piece is rendered subtly asymmetric by the artist’s hand, serving as a reminder to the viewer of our collective humanity.