My work is an ongoing study of ritual, symmetry, geometry, gnomonic growth, dream theory and how the mysteries of these ancient vocabularies transcend religion and culture. Using repeated iconic forms like the circle, the diamond and the square in symmetrical associations, I make paintings and watercolor drawings that offer the viewer access to a sense of time as both ancestral and immediate. I am particularly interested in the shapes that emerge from serial forms such as the vesica piscis, which results from overlapping circles. For centuries, this almond shape has been used as a metaphor for the dualities of life and death, light and dark, alpha and omega. Though precision is a predominant quality of my work, evidence of my hand renders each piece subtly asymmetrical. I embrace these natural variances, even as I seek the gestalt of the finished work. Often, I prepare a layered indigo ground that suggests the power of lapis lazuli, a stone that was thought by medieval alchemists to embody heaven and earth. This deep blue implies a primordial sea of time, as symbolic forms float in synchrony above the dark surface. With intense colors that defy the dark surface, I create an exponentially evolving philosophical geometry. Each of my paintings is offered as both an antidote to the distractions of our everyday world, and as an entrance to the collective unconscious.